[gst-devel] multi-thread stuck problem(I guess it is)

Nie Jun niej0001 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 09:12:43 CEST 2007

 Hi, I touch gstreamer a few weeks ago. Now I am studying the autoplugging
src code in chapter 17 of *Application Development Manual*
I add a queue element in the close_link function in case of there is video
and audio stream when playing video.
When I run this program the first time, it will stuck at the first several
frame. Then I run it again, it works well.
I run the gstreamer on remote system and video file is loaded from

I guess it is synchronization problem at the first run, and when the 2nd
time the video file is already on the remote system. Is that right?

and how can I control the threads to let them begin run together when they
both are ready?
Or how can I know how many stream there is(ie. only audio or audio and
video), then I can let the first type_found stream to wait later ?

Thanks !
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