[gst-devel] Adding plugins to gstreamer

Grant Kimball grant.kimball at cloakware.com
Tue Apr 24 15:18:54 CEST 2007

Try deleting the GStreamer Plug-ins Registry, then rebuilding it.

The Registry on my installation is "registry.i686.xml".

It's located in /home/MyName/.gstreamer-0.10/    (Note: hidden directory!!)

To rebuild it, just run "gst-inspect" with no parameters. Make sure you have
GST_PLUGIN_PATH set up first.

More info at

Grant Kimball

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Hey, Mario!

On 4/23/07, Mario Torre <neugens at limasoftware.net> wrote:
> $ export GST_PLUGIN_PATH=/where/the/library/is
> $ gst-inspect classpathsrc
> No such element or plugin 'classpathsrc'

Try this:

$ gst-inspect classpathsrc --gst-debug=2

You might see some warning about libraries or symbols not being found.
Also, is your LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly set?


Daniel Díaz
yosoy at danieldiaz.org

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