[gst-devel] Adding plugins to gstreamer

Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Tue Apr 24 16:17:18 CEST 2007

Il giorno mar, 24/04/2007 alle 15.47 +0200, Mario Torre ha scritto:

> $ export GST_PLUGIN_PATH=/tmp/lib/gstreamer-0.10/
> gst-inspect classpathsrc --gst-debug=2

I was able to solve turning it into a static element:

  "Java InputStream Reader",
  plugin_init, VERSION,
  "GPL", "Classpath", "http://www.classpath.org/")

The license GPL + Classpath Exception is not recognized so I had to
change it to GPL for now. Other than that, it works.

Now, This have sense, as this plugin has meaning only inside java, so it
is ok for me, but I would really like to understand what I'm doing
wrong :) so if you have some suggestions I'm happy to listen :)


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