[gst-devel] Is gstreamer what I need?

Antoine Tremblay hexa00 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 19:13:37 CEST 2007

On 4/25/07, Ken Seehart <ken at seehart.com> wrote:
>  Yeah, I'm basically figuring that the bounty would be for someone who
> already has done most of what I am looking for.

I did most of it but in linux and c++ and with an Apple iSight camera ( Also
did with the logitech ones but they were not very stable in linux), doing it
with a firewire dv camera should be easy too. Would you be interested in
having somthing like that ?

I don't need to use VideoCapture necessarily.  That just happens to be what
> we currently have implemented, and it serves as an example of how I can
> display video given a frame buffer.  The idea is that VideoCapture might
> be replaced by something else that can write to a frame buffer, so the
> developer doesn't need to worry about the user interface or video display
> when implementing the items on my list.  I use VideoCapture because it is
> a python library.

I see... you'll have to check the plugin list to see if you can find
something compabile with a windows camera...

Why would webcams be difficult?  Sure they are platform dependent, but they
> just put data in a frame buffer, so maybe 2 or 3 relevant functions in the
> API should do it.

Right at a high level it's not a problem, the problem is interfacing with
the driver of the camera.. via some API. If there's already a plugin in
gstreamer that can do it you're ok .. As it's the case with dv cameras and
v4l compatible cameras and some firewire (not dv) on linux... I have no idea
about windows :(

But if you have to add this interface plugin to gstreamer then it's totaly
possible but more work / tricky....and maybe harder to do in windows...

> BTW, Are there binaries for python bindings for Windows?  I simply don't
> have time to build it myself unless I know I am going to use it, and I won't
> know that until I see it working on Windows in wxPython.

I don't think there's any binaries for the python bindings for windows... I
see some win32 dir in the code with project files to compile in windows
tought.. not sure how it will work...

If you are to work with gstreamer , I would recommend that you start in
linux first... and then try with windows...

But if windows is really an imperative in the short term.. maybe you're
better of with some DirectX stuff or something really windows based :(


Antoine Tremblay wrote:
> Hi,
>   First thing you would need to get your frame buffer form the
> VideoCapture is a gstreamer plugin that can interface with VideoCapture...
>   And if it doesn't exists... create one, which means you will have to
> compile gstreamer on windows wich is not trivial...
>  All that in 4 days , you would need someone who already has a gstreamer
> code base that can compile in windows and knows your VideoCapture lib...
>  But other then that gstreamer seems a good choice for your application.
> The  difficult part I guess will be the webcam access on the different
> platforms as it's driver dependant... I had a lot of troubles with webcams
> on linux...  but that beeing said it's not related to gstreamer.
> Good Luck! :)
> On 4/25/07, Ken Seehart <ken at seehart.com> wrote:
> >
> > BTW, if it would help, I can post a $2000 bounty on a wxPython
> > application that demonstrates the functionality listed below by May 1,
> > 2007.  The result would be open source.  If you are interested, I can
> > provide you with a simple wxPython demo application that displays video from
> > a frame buffer connected to VideoCapture (a Windows-only webcam capture
> > library).  My wxPython demo app could easily be made to display any flat RGB
> > frame buffer, so you don't need to worry about GUI development.  If that
> > schedule is a bit tight, we can negotiate a little.
> >
> > Anyone interested?
> >
> > - Ken Seehart
> >
> > Ken Seehart wrote:
> >
> > What I need :
> >
> > - multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX)
> > - python bindings
> > - streaming download from our server to our client (I need to develop
> > both the client and the server)
> > - simple audio/video conferencing (one source to many viewers)
> > - ability to play videos (only need one format, and it doesn't matter
> > which one)
> > - ability to go to a specified time index during video playback (to
> > within a 500ms)
> > - ability to know the current time index during video playback (to
> > within a 500ms)
> > - interface to webcam devices on all target platforms (Linux, Windows,
> > Mac OSX)
> >
> > I don't need or want *any *GUI support.  I want the video playback
> > functionality to simply provide me with a flat RGB frame buffer, which I can
> > then display myself (in wxPython).
> >
> > Is anyone working on a multi-platform python egg?  If gstreamer happens
> > to be what I am looking for, I might be willing to contribute development of
> > the egg installer if nobody is doing that yet.
> >
> > How does gstreamer compare with kamaelia?
> >
> > The development seems to be Linux-centric, which is definitely better
> > than Windoze-centric, but I am wondering if anyone is successfully using
> > gstreamer to develop applications that run on Windows too.
> >
> > Thanks a bunch,
> > - Ken Seehart
> >
> >
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