[gst-devel] What is the necessary conditions to make the plugin recognized by gst-inspect

gtxia xia_guangtai at visualon.com
Sat Apr 28 12:07:18 CEST 2007

Hello all.

Use the gst-template/gst-plugin/tools/make_element command to generate a
plugin skeleton and fill the sinkpad and srcpad informations. At the
same time I have set the element details. Then generate libXXX.so. since
I make GST_PLUGIN_PATH equal the directory that libXXX.so located and
run gst-inspect, I can not find any change in
$HOME/.gstreamer-0.10/registry.i686.xml. I wonder to know what kind of
functions that I must implement on my plugin to make the gst-inspect can
be recognized.




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