[gst-devel] passing gstbuffer to videosink

pritesh digitaldsp at excite.com
Sun Aug 12 08:57:23 CEST 2007

 hi all, i have created a plugin for a hardware h264 decoder , (dsp processor) the decoder has exposed api for decoding , and displaying the picture.  now in my decoder plugin after calling the decode frame api , the decoded data is in a fixed location , and i dont want to call display api from decoder plugin ,i want it to be called from my videosink plugin. because of av sync   now i want to pass a GstBuffer to videosink plugin , created using gst_buffer_new() api and having  GST_BUFFER_DATA(buf) = decoder->frambuf                  GST_BUFFER_SIZE(buf)  = width * height * 1.5                  GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP(buf) = timestamp                  GST_BUFFER_DURATION(buf) = duration   can i set the caps on this gstbuffer  using gst_buffer_set_caps(buf,GST_PAD_CAPS(decoder->srcpad))what will happen if do gst_buffer_unref on this buffer in sink .  here i am not concerned about data field of buffer getting freed, because will be taken care by hardware decoder.

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