[gst-devel] Memory Leak in Queue Element?

Mohit Garg mohit.hotpop at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 12:23:24 CEST 2007

Hi All,

(Sending again since original message was garbled!)

I am a newbee and am trying to study a simple pipeline (filesrc ->
queue -> filesink) under different threading conditions. I am seeing
memory leaks in "top" in some of them. However, valgrind does not
report leaks in any case. I tried the following:

~ Running the pipeline once. No memory leaks in "top" and valgrind.

~ Running the pipeline multiple times (sequentially) in a single
parent thread (no child threads spawned by the main application).  No
memory leaks in "top" and valgrind.

~Running multiple threads with each thread running an independent
pipeline of the type above. I see memory leaks in "top" but valgrind
does not show any leaks.

-Using a ~ 5MB file as input and running 10 threads (pipelines), I see
"RES" memory usage in "top" increasing to around 10-12MB even after
doing a gst_deinit() in the parent thread (after all threads have

- This memory usage continues to increase as number of threads increase.

- If I do not use a "queue" and directly connect "filesrc" and
"filesink", I do not see this memory leak in "top".

- Using a very small file (1 byte), I do not see this leak but that
may be due to lack of enough leakage in the system.

I am attaching a log file listing the number of threads Vs. memory usage.

Has anyone come across something like this before? Any
pointers/ideas/suggestions on what should I try?

thanks and regards
Mohit Garg
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num-		top-(RES)-memory-
threads		after-gst_deinit()
1		4780
2		5820
3		6092
4		7444
5		6780
6		9340
7		7756
8		7844
9		9976
10		11m
11		11m
12		11m
13		12m
14		11m
15		8288
16		12m
17		15m
18		13m
19		12m
20		15m

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