[gst-devel] filesink problem with some colorspaces

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Fri Aug 17 14:16:38 CEST 2007


> This is probably not a problem with the caps, it means that your
> GST_BUFFER_SIZE does not match the expected buffer size for this format
> and width/height.  Usually this happens when you make different
> assumptions about rowstride or plane offsets than GStreamer does
> (rowstrides/padding/plane offsets are currently implicit in GStreamer).
> For UYVY the size of the buffer should be
>   GST_ROUND_UP_4 (width * 2) * height
> and for RGB (bpp=24,depth=24) it should be
>   GST_ROUND_UP_4 (width * 3) * height

Thanks, I already tried this, but it's the same.
The error says:
 > Size 153600 is not a multiple of unit
 > > size 230400

In my case the video is 320*240 = 76800, so the size for UYVY should be, 
76800 * 2 = 153600. However, the error says it should be 230400 = 76800 
* 3, but thats not true.
I get some recorded data if I set the size to 230400, but then the video 
is not correct, because it UYVY should be 2 bytes per pixes and not 3.

And what makes me wondering even more: if I don't specify the BIG_ENDIAN 
in the RGBA/RGB format, UVUY recording is working with the same video 
(although I don't have something to do with RGBA/RGB in this case at all).


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