[gst-devel] avimux header problem

Mark Nauwelaerts manauw at skynet.be
Sun Aug 19 20:56:20 CEST 2007

Strictly speaking, the pipeline I provided does not employ "framerate
conversion".  It is videotestsrc that reacts to the filtered caps connection by
provided material with the requested framerate.

In any event, this minor distinction serves to illustrate that it is up to
videotestsrc/appsrc to provide a "proper stream", be it with timestamps on
buffers (as mentioned below), or with caps on buffers, all of which (usually)
needed to allow subsequent elements to do their thing, e.g. framerate
conversion/enforcing by videorate, avi header building by avimux, etc


Zaheer Merali wrote:
> On 8/19/07, Georg Holzmann <grh at mur.at> wrote:
>> Hallo Mark!
>>> Following pipeline works fine on my system, that is, proper duration and playing
>>> with totem, mplayer, xine (and it is generally comparable to your pipeline, I
>>> assume):
>>> videotestsrc num-buffers=500 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! video/x-raw-yuv,
>>> framerate="25/1", format="(fourcc)I420" ! avimux ! filesink location=test.avi
>> Thanks for the tip with the framerate conversion. I tried the (amongst
>> other things) the following pipeline now:
>> appsrc ! videorate ! ffmpegcolorspace ! avimux ! filesink
>> (code see [1])
> The buffers provided by your appsrc have no timestamp so videorate
> cannot adjust for whatever framerate it has negotiated for so all your
> buffers will be dropped.
> videorate is designed to drop buffers with no timestamp set.
> Zaheer
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