[gst-devel] Audio and Video in a C file

Harvinder Singh harvinder.singh at d2see.com
Mon Aug 13 15:05:43 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,


I trying to develop an application to stream h263 video together with
amr audio, I am able to do this through the command line of GStreamer by
typing this command:


gst-launch filesrc location=media/video.3gp ! decodebin name=decoder
decoder. ! ffenc_h263 ! rtph263pay ssrc=-1 pt=34 ! udpsink
host= port=22222 decoder. ! mulawenc ! rtppcmupay ssrc=-1
pt=97 ! udpsink host= port=22222


gst-launch filesrc location=media/video.3gp ! qtdemux name=demuxer
demuxer. ! queue ! ffdec_h263 ! ffenc_h263 ! rtph263pay ssrc=-1 pt=34 !
udpsink host= port=22222 demuxer. ! queue ! amrnbdec !
mulawenc ! rtppcmupay ssrc=-1 pt=97 ! udpsink host=


In both the cases I am able to send both audio and video, but there is a
problem with synchronisation between the audio and video. The audio
seems to get ahead from the video with a few seconds, also the output
audio in the beginning produces some glitches. I need to be able to
receive audio and video stream from something like a 3gp or mov file,
both the streams synchronised and it would be really helpful if someone
could explain me how I can assemble it into a C file.


I don't know how to progress from here and would really appreciate your
help on this, also I was wondering if it has something to do with the
rtpbin element available from the farsight gst plugins?



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