[gst-devel] Gstreamer ossaudio plugin

Clive Wright clive_wright at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 3 01:44:08 CET 2007

 From monitoring the list for over 3 months it appears that nobody is 
working on the gst ossaudio plugin.

As a user of the Opensound OSS version 4 audio drivers the source code 
of which was released under the GPL2 license earlier this year, I have 
become increasingly frustrated by the lack of any OSS v4 support in the 
Gnome Desktop. Frustrated enough to take it into my own hands to modify 
the libgstossaudio plugin included in gst-plugins-good-0.10.6 to provide 
some rudimentary support for the API so that I can control the audio 
output volume using the Gnome Volume Applet.

The attached patch adds the necessary code to achieve this without 
removing anything or breaking any existing functionality so that the 
patched plugin conforms to the earlier API when operating with Alsa's 
OSS emulation.

I have not used automake so the configure script will not be aware of 
the requirement for the OSS version 4 of soundcard header file to be 
located at:


its default location after installing the Opensound sound drivers.

Clive ...
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