[gst-devel] AVI metadata help - where's the date?

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at avtechpulse.com
Thu Dec 13 22:26:45 CET 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to modify gthumb to allow it to read video metadata using 
gstreamer. It works, but I seem to be missing something - exiftool can 
extract more metadata than gstreamer - like the original recording date. 
Is that to be expected?

For instance, an AVI from my Canon PowerShot SD800IS gives the following 
in exiftool:

[mjc at flay trunk]$ exiftool -s -G1 MVI_1082.AVI
[ExifTool]      ExifToolVersion                 : 7.00
[File]          FileName                        : MVI_1082.AVI
... snip ...
[RIFF]          FrameRate                       : 30
[RIFF]          MaxDataRate                     : 2024 kB/s
[RIFF]          FrameCount                      : 1103
[RIFF]          StreamCount                     : 2
[RIFF]          StreamType                      : Audio
[RIFF]          Codec                           :
[RIFF]          Quality                         : 10000
[RIFF]          SampleSize                      : 1 byte
[RIFF]          Encoding                        : Microsoft PCM
[RIFF]          NumChannels                     : 1
[RIFF]          SampleRate                      : 11024
[RIFF]          AvgBytesPerSec                  : 11024
[RIFF]          BitsPerSample                   : 8
[RIFF]          DateTimeOriginal                : 2007:11:23 20:46:30
[RIFF]          Software                        : CanonMVI06
... snip ...

but the gstreamer debug output only shows:

Tags: taglist, video-codec=(string)"Motion\ JPEG";
Tags: taglist, audio-codec=(string)"Uncompressed\ 8-bit\ PCM\ audio";
Tags: taglist, encoder=(string)CanonMVI06;

I would really like to extract the metadata date! (Beware that Exiftool 
renames all the tags using its own scheme...)

The source code for my metadata reader is here 

Any help would be appreciated!

- Mike

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