[gst-devel] _seek() & query_position() problem - a gstreamer bug on Nokia 770?

Sharath Mudalamane sharath_m at mindtree.com
Thu Dec 27 14:27:29 CET 2007

Hello everyone,


I have more updates on this issue.



1. The seek operation is malfunctioning (as explained in the below mail) for
mp3 playback and AVI (with mp3 audio) only. For wav it is working fine.

2. This happens only on Nokia 770. But works fine on Nokia N800.


PROBLEM: I have to make it work on Nokia 770.



It must be the Nokia binary issue (I am not sure though).


Please, someone let me know how to resolve this problem.


Thanks and regards,



From: Sharath Mudalamane 
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Subject: _seek() & query_position() problem - a gstreamer bug?
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Hello all,

I am developing a media player on Nokia 770. I am facing problems in
gst_element_seek() during playback ( mp3,wav,..).



After playback start, if I seek() within the ALREADY played back range (start
- current position) then seek() is fine.

If I seek() outside the ALREADY played back range (in other words, farthest
played position to end position), I observe that the audio goes off and
doesn't come back UNTIL the actual playback position reaches the seeked
position. Also, I observed that the gst_element_query_position() doesn't
return the seeked position.


1 . I start playback of a 2 min stream. After 5 secs, I seek to 30 sec, now
audio goes off. Now, gst_element_query_position() is still returning me the
current playback time. The audio comes back after exactly 25 secs.

Now, if I seek anywhere between 0 to current time seek works fine with
gst_element_query_position() returning the correct position.

2. I start playback of a 2min stream. I play for 90 sec. seek() to 30. this
is ok! I seek() to 60. This is also ok! But, now if I seek() to 100 sec ( >
90 sec). Audio goes off for exactly for 40 secs ( 100 - 60 , ie., seeked time
= 100, current time = 60).



Gst_element_seek() always returns TRUE. 

No assertions or hang-ups.

I see it only Nokia 770. Not on a linux PC.



Is this the MIPS problem on Nokia 770?


 Thanks and regards,

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