[gst-devel] gst-bad equalizer element

James "Doc" Livingston doclivingston at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 09:53:35 CET 2007

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 09:39 +0100, Stefan Kost wrote:
> This does not look like its doing a db  
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decibel) mapping. If '0' is no action  
> (factor 1.0) is a:
> * value of 1 then meaning factor+1=2 aka double volume (+3db) and
> * value of -1 then meaning a fifth of the volume (somewhere around -7db)
> Thats what I assume, but maybe company can clarify. If its like this  
> it should be changed. The range is a bit too small imho. E.g. the EQ  
> in winamp it goes from -12db to 12 db (in media player it goes from  
> -14 to +14 whatever). I'd say -12 to +6 sounds good.

One important questions, is whether the values should be in dB or a
simple factor. Most applications would display a logarithmic scale, but
the 'volume' element uses a factor, and it might be good to be


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