[gst-devel] videomixer stops in rtp receiver

Carlos Molina cmdr at tid.es
Mon Feb 12 15:58:35 CET 2007

Hi all,

I found some problems to run video-mixer in a pipe that receives video 
from rtpsrc.

First of all,  the sender pipeline has to start before the receiver 
pipeline. So when the videomixer receives the data it stops in its main 
function gst_videomixer_collected (never go out from this function ret = 
gst_pad_push (mix->srcpad, outbuf) ). I get gray screen.

I try to get deeper in the code and function calls in gstreamer starting 
from gst_pad_push (), and I reach this function:
g_cond_wait (queue->item_del, queue->qlock) in gstqueue.c
This function waits for the signal queue->item_del to unlock the muxer. 
I guess that is somehow related to filling the buffer in the pad, but I 
don't know too much about internal gstreamer implementation.

Somebody knows how to solve this?


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