[gst-devel] automagically skip parts of a stream

Rainer Clasen bj at zuto.de
Mon Feb 12 20:54:36 CET 2007


so far I was quite lucky using gstreamer just from the provided
docs and googling around, but now I'm having no luck.

I'm currently searching a way to skip parts of a Media stream - or to be
more precise, I just want to pick a bit out of the stream. The start/end
of the part to be picked will be stored in a database. My current Idea is
to store these positions as Nanosecond offset. 

So what's the Right(tm) way to do this?

Making my application seek is likely a bit kludgy - especially as this is
not expected to happen instantious. 

Do I have to write my own plugin for this (I guess I can take a look at
cutter for some inspirations)? 

Or is there an easier way I haven't found yet?


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