[gst-devel] mpegts demuxer

Dirk Meyer dischi at freevo.org
Thu Feb 22 15:52:46 CET 2007

"Zaheer Merali" wrote:
> On 2/22/07, Dirk Meyer <dischi at freevo.org> wrote:
>> "Zaheer Merali" wrote:
>> > On 2/21/07, Dirk Meyer <dischi at freevo.org> wrote:
>> >> "Zaheer Merali" wrote:
>> >> > Have you tried using the fluendo mpeg demuxers?
>> >> >
>> >> > They are free software and available at:
>> >> >
>> >> > https://core.fluendo.com/gstreamer/trac/
>> >>
>> >> I tried, I don't get the pads for the stream. pad-added is not
>> >> called.
>> >
>> > Do you include the PAT and PMT in your transport stream that you are
>> > trying to demux?
>> No, only the audio and video pids. How could I do this? PAT ist easy,
>> it is id 0, but for PMT I need the information from the PAT to add the
>> pid to the device to grab.
> I have code that does this dynamically using dvbsrc and flutsdemux.  I
> will point you to the code when I put it somewhere.

There is a dvbsrc somewhere? But doing this dynamicly sounds like a
solution that would also work with our dvb source. BTW, not finished
but some working code can be found in the kaa media repository at

>> | ERROR ffmpeg :0:: header missing skiping one byte
>> This is ffdec_mp3 but I don't get this error when using the ffmpeg
>> demuxer. Swicthing to flump3dec gives me:
> ffdec_mp3 is not supported, use mad or flump3dec

mad gives me no error but it still does not work.

> Not sure why flump3dec does this for you, I will investigate with the
> files you linked to.

That would be great, thanks.


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