[gst-devel] Release time!

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Sat May 19 09:48:08 CEST 2007


Jan Schmidt wrote:
> So, we haven't had any releases in too long - every module needs a release.
> Originally, I wanted to do good/bad/ugly next, since they're most in
> need, but in the meantime people have gone and made them depend on CVS
> core and base, so I'm going to release everything, starting with Core &
> Base, then Good/Bad and Ugly together. gst-ffmpeg might follow at the end.
> So, I'd like a list of things that need to happen before Core & Base can
> be released, and I'd like to have the release of those 2 done by monday
> week (Monday, 28th May), which is 10 days from now.
> I'm thinking to have the first pre-releases out on Wednesday at the latest.
> On my pre-release radar at the moment:
> * Finish up the work on AlsaMixer changes so that it doesn't need to be
> patched up again later.
This looks quite good now. I'll ping marc-andre - lets discuss this on monday in

> * Double-check a worrying state-change hang I observed running
> gst-typefind over ~5000 media files earlier this week.
> Are there other things in progress that need to be finished up or
> reviewed before a release of those modules can happen?
> Regards,
> Jan.
Here's my list of issues that I would like to see going it still:
* this is really useful, at nokia we're using this since quite a long time
* at least the type_register thing is a win-win.

I think v4l2src can be freed from --enable-experimental, its works quite well
(for my cam and for e.g. the cam in the N800).


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