[gst-devel] Core & Base release progress

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Wed May 23 12:28:00 CEST 2007

Here's an update on where we stand with getting Core & Base ready for

There are still some outstanding issues:

* Bug 440463 – gstbin unit test sometimes hangs waiting for ASYNC_DONE
  - Represents regressions in our state change behaviour that need
fixing. This bug is the biggest blocker.

* Bug 420206 - Collectpads causes a segv. when stopping after a pad remove
  - This bug has been open since March, with a relatively simple patch.
    I'd like to resolve that the patch is the right approach to fix the
    bug and apply it.

* Bug 152864 – [PATCH] GstAlsaMixer doesn't support signals
  - I haven't been following the details, but it seems this bug still
has some way to go before completion. Can someone give me an update?

With these issues still open, I'm not planning to do a pre-release
today. Perhaps tomorrow will have a brighter outlook.


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