[gst-devel] How to sync audio and video in ARM

陈终 bastist at 163.com
Wed Sep 5 02:33:10 CEST 2007

 Hi hongyang,
I have added some 'queue' elements in my pipeline,but didn't use the 'tee' elements,
maybe I should utilize 'tee' elements to implement the 1-N pipelines.
The attachment is my simple-player.c file, if you have time, please have a look at it.
Much appreciate for your helps.
在2007-09-04,"Yang Hong" <hongyang at redflag-linux.com> 写道:
Hi, Bastist I cann't send mail to gst's maillist because of my SMTP sever, So I mail to you directly:) > Hi hongyang, > > I have used gstplaybin and also decodebin, their autoplug and decode > functions' performance are not well in my arm phone. > If we build the specific pipeline, audio and video will play well > individually, once audio and video > play at the same time, the latency exist. > If i build pipeline dyanmically, the latency phenomenon will be more > serious! > Thank you hongyang! Have you tried to add some 'queue' elements in you pipeline. Here is some example of complex pipeline split by queue and work without noteble latency. http://yangh.cn/2007/08/show_magic_of_gstlaunch_1ton_n.html Show us you pipeline, then we can check it:) Please CC mail to the gst's maillist. thx. Yang Hong > > > > > 在2007-09-04,"Yang Hong" <hongyang at redflag-linux.com> 写道: > > Hi, > > I want to develop a simple media-player in ARM using GStreamer, > > The most difficulity is how to guarantee the sync of audio and video, > > I have tried so many methods to do this work, unfortunately i failed. > > Please give me some adivces, thanks! > > > How about use gstplaybin ? > > > > > > >
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