[gst-devel] Some basic video plugins

Paul Jack poetbeware at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 19:59:26 CEST 2007

So looking through the plug-ins list, I'm not seeing some basic video
plugins that would be useful in practically any video editing
application. So I'm thinking of writing them, and wanted to be sure I
didn't miss anything.

The plugins I plan to write are:

composite: Take two video streams and overlay one on top of the other,
supporting blending modes like the GIMP's (eg, Addition, Multiply,
Screen, Overlay...)

affine: Apply an arbitrary affine transform to an image. Can be used
to translate/scale/rotate in one pass.

blur_channel: Blur just one channel of an image (particularly useful
for blurring just the alpha channel).

copy_channel: Copy one channel of an image to another (particularly
useful for copying any color channel of a grayscale matte to the alpha

maximum/minimum: Replace a channel value of each pixel with the
maximum/minimum value of its neighboring pixels.

bezier: Use cairo to draw bezier curves onto one or more channels (can
be used to create masks if applied to the apha channel).

chroma_key: Replace a color with alpha, for greenscreen/bluescreen work.

Do any of these already exist?



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