[gst-devel] does v4l2src in good plugin support camera usage model

zhangfei gao zhangfei.gao at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 11:24:55 CEST 2007

Hi,  all

I want to write camerasrc, this plugin has three features: preview, video
recorder and still image capture.

I wander does existing v4l2src already support these three features, if so,
it will be great.
If not, we may write camerasrc by ourself, but I still do not has a good
solution, not sure single srcpad or multi srcpad should be used.

If the plugin only has single srcpad, GstPushSrc could be used as base
class. In such case, pipeline may use tee for preview and recorder, and for
preview and still image capture.
Could we pause one thread in the tee, for example stop preview when image

If the plugin has multi-srcpad, there may no base class could be re-used.
Let's take two srcpads as example, one is for preview, the other is for
still image, should pipeline link all the srcpads at start, and then switch
form preview to image capture? And could we stop sending data to one pad?

WinCE usage model is request dirver first, then build pad accordingly. Two
srcpads is build if drivers support both recorder and still image capture.
pipeline may re-build when switching from still image capture to video

Is there any general solution to solve camera usage model, appreciating if
you could share me some ideas!

Thanks in advance
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