[gst-devel] question about converting a 3gp file

Terry Leung terry83 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 05:24:44 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I am going to write a program to convert a 3gp file into a suitable
format(eg lower bitrate). I try to test the pipeline by using

The pipeline I use here(The file is econded in h263 and amrnb):

gst-launch -m filesrc location=/jill.3gp ! qtdemux name=demuxer !
ffdec_h263 ! ffenc_h263 bitrate=50000 rtp-payload-size=500 gop-size=3
me-method=4 ! ffmux_3gp name=mux ! filesink location=/jill3.3gp
demuxer.audio_%02d !  mux.audio_%d

However, the converted file doesnt contain the sound(The video part
plays smoothly on quicktime)

Any one got any idea on how to configure the pipeline in order to
obtain the correct result?

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