[gst-devel] gstreamer problem

Pavan pavanpatale at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 25 17:24:19 CEST 2007

Hi Sangita,
I dont have necessary resources to run this code.  But, few quick observations:-
1. In the command line you have not mentioned audio decoder, but in the code you are trying to audio related stuff link.  
   Check if this works as per your expectations.
2. It would be good to check the return values especially for *_get_pad and *_link functions.

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:18:19 +0000From: sangitapithadia at gmail.comTo: gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.netSubject: [gst-devel] gstreamer problemHi,I m trying to play MPEG TS using gstreamer pipeline. This is the pipeline which i have used to playback the file. It works fine.gst-launch -v filesrc location=/root/GStremerDir/gstreamer-0.10.13/ed24p_00.ts ! ffdemux_mpegts ! ffdec_mpeg2video ! queue ! videoscale ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink Same thing i tried to do using the code but it doesnt play.my code is like..#include<stdio.h>
#define SOURCE "filesrc"
#define VSINK "xvimagesink"
#define ASINK "alsasink"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <glib.h>
//#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include <string.h>

const gchar * location = "file:///root/GStremerDir/ed24p_00.ts";
static GList *seekable_pads = NULL;
static GList *rate_pads = NULL;
static GstElement *pipeline;
static GList *seekable_elements = NULL;
typedef struct
	const gchar *padname;
	GstPad *target;
	GstElement *bin;

static gboolean
bus_call (GstBus     *bus,
	  GstMessage *msg,
	  gpointer    data)
  GMainLoop *loop = (GMainLoop *) data;

  switch (GST_MESSAGE_TYPE (msg)) {
      g_print ("End-of-stream\n");
      g_main_loop_quit (loop);
      gchar *debug;
      GError *err;

      gst_message_parse_error (msg, &err, &debug);
      g_free (debug);

      g_print ("Error: %s\n", err->message);
      g_error_free (err);

      g_main_loop_quit (loop);

static GstElement *
gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (gchar * type, gchar * name)
	GstElement *element = gst_element_factory_make (type, name);
	if (!element) {
	g_warning ("Failed to create element %s of type %s", name, type);
	return element;
static void dynamic_link (GstPadTemplate * templ, GstPad * newpad, gpointer data)
	gchar *padname;
	dyn_link *connect = (dyn_link *) data;
	padname = gst_pad_get_name (newpad);
	if (connect->padname == NULL || !strcmp (padname, connect->padname)) {
	if (connect->bin)
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), connect->bin);
	gst_pad_link (newpad, connect->target);
	seekable_pads = g_list_prepend (seekable_pads, newpad);
	rate_pads = g_list_prepend (rate_pads, newpad);
	g_free (padname);

static void setup_dynamic_link (GstElement * element, const gchar * padname,
    GstPad * target, GstElement * bin)
	dyn_link *connect;
	connect = g_new0 (dyn_link, 1);
	connect->padname = g_strdup (padname);
	connect->target = target;
	connect->bin = bin;
	g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (element), "pad-added", G_CALLBACK (dynamic_link),
int main(int argc,char *argv[])
	static GstElement *bin;	
	GstBus *bus;
	GMainLoop *loop;
	GstElement *pipeline, *audio_bin, *video_bin;
	GstElement *src, *demux, *a_decoder, *v_decoder, *v_filter;
	GstElement *audiosink, *videosink;
	GstElement *a_queue, *v_queue, *v_scale;
	GstPad *seekable;
	GstPad *pad;
	gst_init (&argc, &argv);
	loop = g_main_loop_new (NULL, FALSE);
	if (argc != 2) 
   		g_print ("Usage: %s <AVI file>\n", argv[
   		return -1;

	pipeline = gst_pipeline_new ("app");
	src = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (SOURCE, "src");
	g_object_set (G_OBJECT (src), "location", argv[1], NULL);
	//demux = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mpegdemux", "demux");
	demux = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("ffdemux_mpegts", "demux");
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), src);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), demux);
	gst_element_link (src, demux);
	audio_bin = gst_bin_new ("a_decoder_bin");
	a_decoder = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mad", "a_dec");
	a_queue = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("queue", "a_queue");
	audiosink = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (ASINK, "a_sink");
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (audio_bin), a_decoder);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (audio_bin), a_queue);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (audio_bin), audiosink);
	gst_element_link (a_decoder, a_queue);
	gst_element_link (a_queue, audiosink);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), audio_bin);
	pad = gst_element_get_pad (a_decoder, "sink");
	gst_element_add_pad (audio_bin, gst_ghost_pad_new ("sink", pad));
	gst_object_unref (pad);
	setup_dynamic_link (demux, "audio_c0", gst_element_get_pad (audio_bin,
		"sink"), NULL);
	video_bin = gst_bin_new ("v_decoder_bin");
	v_decoder = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("mpeg2dec", "v_dec");
	v_queue = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("queue", "v_queue");
	v_scale = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("videoscale", "v_scale");
	v_filter = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn ("ffmpegcolorspace", "v_filter");
	videosink = gst_element_factory_make_or_warn (VSINK, "v_sink");
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (video_bin), v_decoder);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (video_bin), v_queue);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (video_bin), v_scale);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (video_bin), v_filter);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (video_bin), videosink);
	gst_element_link (v_decoder, v_queue);
	gst_element_link (v_queue, v_scale);
	gst_element_link (v_scale, v_filter);
	gst_element_link (v_filter, videosink);
	gst_bin_add (GST_BIN (pipeline), video_bin);
	pad = gst_element_get_pad (v_decoder, "sink");
	gst_element_add_pad (video_bin, gst_ghost_pad_new ("sink", pad));
	gst_object_unref (pad);
	setup_dynamic_link (demux, "video_e0", gst_element_get_pad (video_bin,
		"sink"), NULL);
	/*seekable = gst_element_get_pad (v_filter, "src");
	seekable_pads = g_list_prepend (seekable_pads, seekable);
	rate_pads = g_list_prepend (rate_pads, seekable);
	rate_pads =
	g_list_prepend (rate_pads, gst_element_get_pad (v_decoder, "sink"));*/

	bus = gst_pipeline_get_bus (GST_PIPELINE (pipeline));
  	gst_bus_add_watch (bus, bus_call, loop);
	gst_element_set_state (pipeline, GST_STATE_PLAYING);
	/* now run */
	g_main_loop_run (loop);

	gst_element_set_state (pipeline, GST_STATE_NULL);
  	gst_object_unref (GST_OBJECT (pipeline));
	gst_object_unref (bus);
  	exit (0);

Can anyone tell me what can be the cause of this.Thanks in advance.
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