[gst-devel] TagSetter in Python Bindings

Wolfgang Silbermayr wosi at gmx.at
Thu Sep 27 19:49:55 CEST 2007

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Mark Nauwelaerts wrote:
> Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote:
>> Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote:
>>>> Hi List!
>>>> I am trying to get a small python project done where it is important to set tags in ogg files. In the #gstreamer channel I got the hint that the oggmux element implements TagSetter, but I just can't figure out how to access this interface in the python gst bindings. Maybe somebody can point me there.
>> Okay, so I answer to myself if nobody can help me on. It seems that the
>> TagSetter interface is not implemented in the python bindings. If this
>> is the case, is there anything that I can do in order to get them in?
> TagSetter is implemented in python bindings; I used it for example in GEntrans
> (http://gentrans.sourceforge.net/).  Look at tools/entrans.py in download or svn
> and search for TagSetter.  That should get you the following fragment (which is
> not complete and/or may not be the best example), which should give you an idea
> (and get going):

Okay, now I finally found the time to try that out. It seems to me that
the TagSetter only accepts tags that it knows, like artist, title etc.
The problem is that my project should store geographical data
(longitude, latitude, altitude). Does anybody know if I can forcefully
set my own tags (it is possible to store them in vorbis, tagtool for
example can do that) or do I have to find a different solution (maybe
store in comments)?

Greetings, Wolfgang.
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