[gst-devel] Overwriting files in sinks

Sebastian Dröge slomo at circular-chaos.org
Sat Sep 29 08:57:34 CEST 2007

I wondered what ways we currently have for overwriting files in sinks
and what is the prefered way.
There's a signal that is emitted in gnomevfssink, that apps can hook
into to ask the user if the file should be overridden, filesink doesn't
have such mechanism at all.

The signal in gnomevfssink is:
  "allow-overwrite" :  gboolean user_function (GstElement* object,
                                               GnomeVFSURI* arg0,
                                               gpointer user_data);

Would it make sense to implement this signal in filesink and giosink
(and any other file sinks), too? Of course the GnomeVFSURI parameter in
those other sinks must be changed to something else, i.e. char *
containing the URI.
For 0.11 this should be changed in gnomevfssink as this way the app has
to know about GnomeVFS unfortunately.

Does anybody have better ideas? Otherwise I'll go ahead and implement
this in filesink and giosink.

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