[gst-devel] DV cam capture with gstreamer

nico nico at inattendu.org
Sun Sep 30 20:01:33 CEST 2007


I try to develop an application with GTK, to capture images from a DV 
Cam, with a behavior like kino or stopmotion, I need to have a back 
display (i.e. have on the application what it was saw by the DV cam) of 
the DV cam, on my gtk+ application , and when the user click on a 
“Capture” button transform the DV cam display in an image. The goal is 
to make an image by image animation movie.

I know we can use dvgrab to capture image from a dv cam , but I want to 
try to have the same feature using gstreamer.

I not yet determine the best way to capture an image. I can display the 
image in my application using a pipileine like : “dv1394src ! dvdemux ! 
dvdec name=decoder decoder. ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink decoder.” . 
This sequence of pipeline is show in “gst-launch” style , but I actually 
use python gstreamer module.

My problem is to capture the image :


      Is there a way to have to parallel pipeline ? I mean in the same
      time it is possible to display the image via xvimagesink and then
      always save a capture image in a file ( using filesink or
      multifilie sink with jpegenc)?


      Or it is possible to create an event on my display pipeline , when
      the “button” capture is clicked to save the actual display as an
      image ?


      Is there a simple solution to display the image of a DV cam, and
      asynchronously (i.e when button “capture” is clicked) save a
      picture of the displayed image ?

Thanks in advance.


PS : I m a newbie on using gstreamer.

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