[gst-devel] [gst-embedded] gstreamer & dsp

Florent fthiery at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:53:42 CEST 2008


Maybe the best option for a desktop-friendly product is the DaVinci
PCI development board, but it's price may be "a bit too high" for
production use. For fast cross-system prototyping, tcp gstreamer
elements have always proved viable to me, but some real
inter-processor communication protocol / memory access might be needed
for achieving a real integration (DMA transfers ?)

It may be interesting to start a wiki article with interesting
hardware-en/de-coding devices, that may be suitable for destkop
(non-embedded) gstreamer integration (mostly USB or PCI form factors).

Where should this article be ?
(http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/wiki/HardwareAssisted ?)

With wtay's help, i've been trying to decode an RTP h264 stream from
the FastVDO SmartCapture [1] device, without success. Which means i'll
probably have to integrate it into a proper gst src element so that
the RTP payloading is done in Gstreamer (unfortunately, this kind of
plugin is not publishable).

I guess this is a common issue about hardware-assisted GStreamer
elements: NDAs. For such dedicated products, how should NDAs be
handled without letting all the dev work closed ? Maybe the best would
be to have clean templates (usbsrc?) for such elements without the
often NDAed parts. What are your thoughts about NDAs in such a context



[1] http://fastvdo.com/SmartCapture/

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