[gst-devel] udpsrc-udpsink data loss

Manish Rana manish.rana at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:43:25 CEST 2008


I am using following pipeline to send the data:


At receiver side:
udpsrc->rtpbin->depay->decoder->videosink/( filesink location=*.yuv)

I am reciveing almost all the data ( 3KB) less on the receiver side(data
stored in a file after depay.), but if i take the decoded data in a
file(*.yuv) and compare it to the actual size ( filesrc->deoder->filesink
location=*.yuv), it is almost 1/5.

This problem is coming only in case of *.m4v files.( files those contain
only video data.) If i use container format and demuxer there is no data

Where am i missing the data ?
What can be metter way to get all the data, even if data is not send onper
frame basis ?

Please help as i am stuck on this problem since last so many days.

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