[gst-devel] Looking for someone who can code a (small ?) app for me…

David Schleef ds at schleef.org
Fri Apr 11 19:56:22 CEST 2008

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 11:22:59AM +0200, Etienne Toffin wrote:
> So I thought about writing a small video program that would be an all- 
> in-one software :
> - video player (with precise controls such as frame by frame playing;  
> allowing video or image stacks playing)
> - keyboard shortcuts that can be easily defined for a behaviour (for  
> example Ctrl-D for "ant begins to drink" and Ctrl-L for "ant stops  
> drinking and leaves the food source")
> - mouse ability to click on the video where the behaviour occurs (to  
> measure the cartesian coordinates)
> - recording of the time where shortcuts are entered and the cartesian  
> coordinates of the ant showing the behaviour
> - timeline where already recorded values are shown as the video file  
> is replayed (it's often necessary to make our measurements in several  
> times as there can be a lot of ants to observe at once)
> - interface allowing video calibration : sometimes we have to film the  
> experiment not from above and the experimental setup is then deformed  
> on the video (circle becomes an ellipsis). Then we need a simple  
> calibration interface to automatically convert the measured  
> coordinates in real coordinates
> This software would be written with Gstreamer and Python (I've heard  
> that it would be the best solution) and could be used on Linux, OSX  
> and Windows.

I've needed something similar for testing the encoder in Schroedinger.
Right now, I have a simple python script that plays files, occasionally
pausing and stepping the video forward and backward.  At some point,
I would like to be able to easily annotate individual frames or
segments, including marking areas that are not encoded well.  The
resulting annotations would be fed into the quality control
infrastructure, so automation is a primary goal.

Such a project isn't very high on my priority list, and will only
get bumped up when it starts to block other things that are higher
priority.  I would, however, assist with anyone taking up such a


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