[gst-devel] Looking for someone who can code a (small ?) app for me…

Andoni Morales ylatuya at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 16:06:57 CEST 2008


For my degree tesis i´m progranmming an application that can help you. It´s
actually oriented to sports to help coachs analysing matchs and rivals. It
actually records on a database the time when one of the 20 predifined data
ocours and allows the review of one of these data by selecting it.  With a
litle bit more work it could be adapted to your needs adding a plugin with
your requirements . It´s developed in c# and use gstreamer and of course
it´s GPL licensed. Actually the developpment is an a beta state. Next week
i´planning to publish the page of the project with the fist beta.
Regards Andoni

2008/4/11, Etienne Toffin <etoffin at ulb.ac.be>:
> Hi there,
> I'm a PhD student in Biology, working in Brussels (Belgium). I'm
> looking for a dev who would have some time to spent in coding a small
> video app based on python and gstreamer for my lab. Here's the problem
> I want/have to solve…
> I'm working in a lab where the main interest is studying collective
> behaviours, such as collective food retrieval or nest digging in ants,
> group decision-making in cockroaches… that have already been used in
> several topics such as informatics (has anybody heard about ant-based
> algorithms ?). Such studies need two main kinds of data corresponding
> to the macro and micro-level of the phenomenon : collective and
> individual behaviours. Those data allows us to understand how
> complexity emerges from individuals behaviours and interactions. (THAT
> (HERE'S THE MORE TECHNICAL BACKGROUND) Basically, we make some of our
> measurements by using some programs to compute nest area (region-
> growth segmentation) or to follow big enough insects individuals
> trajectories (tracking) for example.
> However, the large majority of individual behaviours have to be
> measured by hand as they need "human assessment" to say wether or not
> the behaviour occurs (a small ant that takes a soil pellet and drop it
> after wandering in the experimental setup). In this case, we don't
> have softwares that help us in getting those informations and we have
> to perform a prehistoric-workflow as following :
> - watching the video (on a computer… we can at least do that) and
> waiting for a given behaviour to occur (for example an ant beginning
> to drink at a food source),
> - pausing the video when the behaviour occurs and writing the given
> time on a sheet,
> - playing again until the next awaited behaviour is seen (the ant
> stops drinking), then pausing and writing again the time on the sheet,
> - when video watching is done, entering all the values into a text
> file or something else…
> Such way of working is very tiring, boring (and all of those bad
> adjectives in -ing)… If you consider that what I gave to you is a
> simple measurements sequence and that a lot of different behaviours
> and measures can be needed (such as the ant cartesian coordinates when
> the behaviour occurs…) you can easily imagine that it's a hard and
> stupid work…
> So I thought about writing a small video program that would be an all-
> in-one software :
> - video player (with precise controls such as frame by frame playing;
> allowing video or image stacks playing)
> - keyboard shortcuts that can be easily defined for a behaviour (for
> example Ctrl-D for "ant begins to drink" and Ctrl-L for "ant stops
> drinking and leaves the food source")
> - mouse ability to click on the video where the behaviour occurs (to
> measure the cartesian coordinates)
> - recording of the time where shortcuts are entered and the cartesian
> coordinates of the ant showing the behaviour
> - timeline where already recorded values are shown as the video file
> is replayed (it's often necessary to make our measurements in several
> times as there can be a lot of ants to observe at once)
> - interface allowing video calibration : sometimes we have to film the
> experiment not from above and the experimental setup is then deformed
> on the video (circle becomes an ellipsis). Then we need a simple
> calibration interface to automatically convert the measured
> coordinates in real coordinates
> This software would be written with Gstreamer and Python (I've heard
> that it would be the best solution) and could be used on Linux, OSX
> and Windows.
> There doesn't exist any FREE software at this time and all the
> existing ones are quite expensive (Noldus products for those who know
> them). And you all know the benefits from free softwares. I know a lot
> of people who work with the same pre-informatic-era methods and would
> appreciate that kind of software…
> So, here are my questions :
> 1. is anybody here interested in writing such program ?
> 2. does anybody know somedy who can fullfill the question 1. condition ?
> Fundamental research is not only made of laboratories that have a lot
> of money to spend in expensive softwares and work with industries… The
> large majority of the labs are quite poor (considering our needs).
> Your help will be very very useful.
> Thanks for your replys,
> Etienne Toffin
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> Etienne Toffin, PhD Student
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> Boulevard du Triomphe
> B-1050 Brussels
> Belgium
> Tel: +32(0)2/650.55.30
> Fax: +32(0)/650.59.87
> Skype: etienne_titou
> http://www.ulb.ac.be/sciences/use/toffin.html
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