[gst-devel] gst-ffmpeg conflicting lib versions

John Stebbins stebbins at jetheaddev.com
Mon Dec 1 20:06:43 CET 2008

Trying to get a clue...
I've got a application that has a snapshot of ffmpeg libs statically 
linked.  I'm attempting to use the version of gst-ffmpeg plugin (0.10.5) 
packaged with the distribution (ubuntu 8.10) which unfortunately has 
been linked against the system ffmpeg libs.  Whenever gstreamer tries to 
use the ffmpeg plugin, I'm getting a segfault.  My best guess is that 
it's somehow accessing something in my statically linked ffmpeg 
snapshot.  But I can't see how it would do that as its loaded 
dynamically at run time and should not be able to see the symbols for 
the static version.

Anybody have any ideas?

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