[gst-devel] RTP sync and sender report ntp timestamps

Jon Burgess jkburges at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 04:35:19 CET 2008

>     "gst_rtp_bin_associate" in gstrtpbin.c do what you want.  But I think
> it needs improvements. :)

Thanks Olivier and Eric...

>From what I can tell, this bit of code handles synchronization between RTP
streams within the same session, or in other words, all streams handled by
one RTP bin will be synced.

But my case is slightly different because of the fact that one stream
(video) will be received by a gstreamer pipeline, while the other (audio)
will be received by legacy code.

So my thought of how to sync them (either when playing live, or playing back
recorded data) would be to have gstreamer timestamp the buffers with
something like a unix (wallclock) timestamp, have the legacy code do the
same, and then things should stay synced.

Would this work, or would timestamping like this upset gstreamer?

Also, I'm using a uridecodebin - would that use a gstrtpbin internally for
an RTSP source?

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