[gst-devel] Plz Help! The pipeline and the elements

Gao-dw gaodw at neusoft.com
Thu Dec 18 16:24:42 CET 2008

Hi, Everyone

I have met such a situation. I have to manage a pipeline manually to playback OGG files.
As you know, an ogg file may be either pure audio or mixed with audio and video.
If I put all possible elements (the filesrc, demuxer, audioqueue, videoqueue, decoder ... etc.) into the pipeline, the pipeline seems not to work when the file contains audio only, and it works if the file contains both audio and video.

So what may the problem be?

Can anyone explain what may happen if the pipeline contains elements that are not needed.

filesrc --> demuxer --> audioqueue --> ... --> audiosink 

                                videoquque --> ... --> videosink (here, the videoqueue and the related elements are not used)

I wish I have described the problem clearly.

Best regards.


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