[gst-devel] plugin/element names

mattias barthel at tid.es
Fri Dec 19 10:04:40 CET 2008

Michael Smith wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 3:28 AM, mattias <barthel at tid.es> wrote:
>> Michael Smith wrote:
>>> On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 12:29 AM, mattias <barthel at tid.es> wrote:
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> But can I have the different elements in a plugin/group in different
>>>> shared libs?
>>>> Or is 1 shared lib = 1 plugin?
>>> That's right - a plugin is a shared library. Each gstreamer plugin can
>>> contain multiple elements, though - there's no problem with that.
>>> Can you explain why you want to do this? It doesn't make a lot of
>>> sense with the information you've given us so far.
>> Ok, the thing is that we have a group of elements which are functionally
>> different but belong
>> to the same organizational group. I cant see how these could even be
>> combined in one and the same pipeline.
>> So putting them all in the same .so is not really optimal because when
>> you would use any of them all the others would be loaded into memory as
>> well.
> Well, a plugin is a shared library - nothing more. It corresponds to
> the physical organisation of a group of elements - not anything
> "organisational" at all. If you don't want them in the same shared
> library, that's fine - then they're in different plugins.
> Applications don't generally care about plugins; they're an internal
> implementation detail of gstreamer - apps only care about elements.
Yes of course. But maybe the system will care about its resources?
Especially in embedded systems where resources are scarce.

The only reason for me asking was actually to be able to see:

element group: element1
element group: element2
element group: element3
element group: element4
element group: element5

But each element<n> residing where ever.
Anyways, I rest my case. If it is not possible it isn't and thats that.

Kindest regards,


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