[gst-devel] Seek operation

Sumanth V sumanth.v at allaboutif.com
Wed Dec 24 09:19:58 CET 2008

Hi All,
       I am writing a application which dose a trickmode operation on the
stored file. When i do PAUSE and then PLAY it resumes play from where i had
PAUSED. But when i do seek forward by setting the rate to 2.0 / 4.0 FORWARD
happens but when i press PLAY the play back dose not resume from where i
pressed PLAY but instead starts playing from offset where i had selected to
To play while forwarding i send this seek event.

gst_element_seek( pipeline, 1.0,GST_FORMAT_TIME ,GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH ,
                                               GST_SEEK_TYPE_CUR, 0,

Is this this the correct seek event format??
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