[gst-devel] GNonLin questions [Was: Re: [PiTiVi] PiTiVi updates]

Edward Hervey bilboed at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 13:05:50 CET 2008

Hi again,

  I thought this mail had been sent to the pitivi-pitivi and realized
not. So I'm giving the answer cc-ed to both the pitivi ml and the
gstreamer ml since it might come in handy to other people seeking
gnonlin answers.

  Apart from the tutorials available (google://gnonlin+tutorials/) for
any questions regarding gnonlin usage the best is to mail the gstreamer
mailing-lists. And in the events of bugs (or weird issues), it would be
best to create a bug on the GStreamer bugzilla (component:GNonLin) which
makes it easier to triage once we find the core issue of the bug, and if
needed re-assign it to the proper buggy plugin.

  As for IRC, the problem is that debugging GNonLin issues takes a bit
more time than usual because of the number of elements involved so it
might not always be the best media for asking questions.

   Merry xmas to all,


On Fri, 2008-12-19 at 16:53 -0600, Jonathan Thomas wrote:
> Congratulations on getting a full-time developer.  It's exciting to
> see PiTiVi moving ahead and improving.  I am still working on the
> OpenShot Video Editor project and just about ready to start
> integrating gnonlin into our backend.  
> As I learn gnonlin (as well as the few people assisting me) I'm hoping
> to create many helpful tutorials for gnonlin.  However, we are sure to
> run into some bugs as well as have many questions along the way.  
> What is the best way for us to get assistance with gnonlin when we
> need help?  IRC, Mailing lists, or some other way?
> Thanks,
> -Jonathan
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 6:37 AM, Edward Hervey <bilboed at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>         Hi all,
>          Quite a few things have been going on over the past few weeks
>         and it
>         was high time to keep everybody informed.
>         * New full-time developer
>          First of all, for those not yet aware, we have a new
>         developer working
>         full-time on PiTiVi paid by Collabora Multimedia: Alessandro
>         Decina
>         (twi). He will be assisting on PiTiVi core hacking as well as
>         all the
>         dependencies issues we might encounter (mainly gstreamer and
>         plugins).
>          Welcome to Alessandro, and thanks to Collabora Multimedia for
>         chipping
>         in.
>         * Core API refactoring
>          Thanks to Brandon's ongoing effort on the User Interface,
>         we've
>         encountered a growing number of limitations in the core code,
>         mostly due
>         to lack of time when they were originally written (yes, blame
>         me).
>          Add to that the several years of feedback, feature requests,
>         crazy
>         ideas being requested in PiTiVi, and it was high time we got
>         rid of
>         those limitations and made the core API as flexible as
>         possible.
>          After identifying the limitations in the code, and writing up
>         an
>         exhaustive list of what we wanted to be able to do, I spent
>         some time
>         writing up a refactored design for PiTiVi. The fundamentals
>         haven't
>         changed that much, and the refactoring will be done
>         progressively.
>          The documentation regarding the new design can be found in
>         this
>         category on the wiki:
>          http://pitivi.org/wiki/Category:New_Design_2008
>          Alessandro has started working on refactoring ObjectFactory
>         and the
>         (new) Timeline/Track, along with unit testing and
>         documentation.
>          I will be assisting in that task over the next few weeks
>         also.
>         * New pitivi.org server
>          Due to repeated failures with the previous hosting provider,
>         the
>         pitivi.org server is now hosted on a new server. The wiki has
>         been
>         switched to it.
>         * GIT development
>          For the past few months, most of us have been developing
>         using git
>         (and git-svn). It was time to bite the bullet and switch
>         entirely to
>         git.
>          So the main repository is now at git.pitivi.org and will be
>         pure git.
>         I will take care of regularly backporting commits to
>         svn.gnome.org for
>         the translators and syncing the translations to the git
>         repository.
>         * LCA/FOMS presentations
>          I will be attending FOMS [1] and LCA [2] in Australia in
>         January and
>         giving presentations of PiTiVi. Don't hesitate to grab me if
>         you're
>         attending.
>           In the meantime, Have a good end-of-year celebrations,
>            Edward
>         [1] http://www.foms-workshop.org/
>         [2] http://linux.conf.au/
>         ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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>         Pitivi-pitivi at lists.sourceforge.net
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