[gst-devel] req: documentation for unfreeze phase discussions about gstreamer vs xine

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Tue Feb 5 12:41:50 CET 2008


Quoting Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at powercraft.nl>:

> Hello everybody,
> I have a request for the gstreamer developers.
> There have been a lot of discussion about the switchings of applications
> from a xine-lib backends to a gstreamer backend.
> I would really like a good document with information about the
> differences between gstreamer and xine.
That needs to be written by someone who knows both well. Most of s can  
only tell you what gstreamer is or is not.
> In this documentation I would like to see a some structure that first
> explains things in a non technical/noop way and then in a concrete
> focused technical way and what does it mean for the end users and the
> developers. Also what are the current problems and what is the
> planning/process on there solutions.
> Hope this is not a overwhelming question. I just want to help removing a
> lot of confusion about gstreamer and xine.

What about prepparing a list of questions and ask both communities? I  
think a good media-framework comparission is something that many  
people would be interested in.

> Kind regards,
> Jelle


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