[gst-devel] Sending with rtpbin

Aaron Lindsey aaron at 8bh.com
Wed Feb 6 22:43:20 CET 2008

>> Both sides run but I never get a video window.  I know the receiver is
>> getting packets because I get a bunch of debug output saying "Incoming
>> RTP
>> packet, sending without jrtplib".  I'm hoping I have a glaring omission
>> that someone here can point out to me.  Any comments welcome.  Thanks.
>> Aaron
> Mmm you can try to add "send-config=true" parameter to "rtpmp4vpay"
> payloader.
> I solved in this way.
> Francesco

That was it.  Thanks a lot for the help, Francesco.  I don't really quite
understand what's happening, though.  Can anyone explain what
configuration is being sent, or can you point me to an explanation?


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