[gst-devel] memory leaks with qtdemux

Samuel Vinson samuelv at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Feb 6 23:05:45 CET 2008


When I run gst-launch with this command line : gst-launch filesrc
location=AAA.mov ! qtdemux ! fakesink
On some file I have a big memory leaks (10Mo /s)

        file type : QuickTime (.mov)
        video codec : dvcp (apple dv-pal)
        audio codec : twos: 16 bit signed big-endian 48kHz
        size : 720x576

But with another files There are not memory leaks

NO memory leaks with qtdemix :
        file type : QuickTime (.mov)
        video codec : jpeg(apple photos jpeg)
        no sound
        size : 640x480

Do you know if the problem becomes from audio stream or video stream
(dvcp) ?
Do you know what kind/type of test I should make to localize the bug ?


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