[gst-devel] Adding a Tee element to the playbin

Iñigo Illán Aranburu kodeport at terra.es
Thu Feb 7 17:46:01 CET 2008

You have 2 properties on the playbin element. This are audio-sink and
video-sink. You can insert the tees using those properties.

On jue, 2008-02-07 at 17:05 +0100, Andoni Morales Alastruey wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm wondering how can I do to add a Tee element to a playbin in C. What
> I need is it to get a duplicated stream from the playbin so I can
> connect it to an encoder bin and encode it at the same time I'm playing
> it. I also would like to know where do I have to insert this tee. Just
> before the source sink of the playbin or better after the audio/video
> demuxer?
> Thanks,
> 	Andoni Morales
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