[gst-devel] Help required in regarding ffmux_3gp gst-plugin

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Thu Feb 14 14:41:48 CET 2008

Hi Ravindra,

please reply to the list, I no longer work on gstreamer so I can't help

Stop using gst-launch, it should burn in hell. Specifically, quitting your
pipeline won't generate a proper EOS when using gst-launch. This will cause
no proper 3gp header to be appended to the data (in the ffmpeg mov/3gp/etc
muxer, the header comes after the data). The result is that the file has no
valid header and is thus unplayable. The solution is to generate an EOS in
the pipeline so the pipeline can shut down, header will be appended and the
3gp file is methodically valid and playable.

I don't know how to do that in the current gst API, I hope the gst devs (CC:
gst-devel) can help you with that.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 8:26 AM, Ravindra k d <ravindra.d at samsung.com>

> Hello
> This is Ravindra form samsung electronics ,I ahve one uses issue while
> using gst plugin for 3gp muxer.
> I have used this pipline to create a 3gp file but i am not able to play
> the genrated 3gpp file.
> pipileine:
> gst-launch alsasrc ! volume ! audioconvert ! queue ! tee name=taa taa. !
> queue ! goom ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink v4lsrc ! queue ! tee name=tvv
> tvv. ! queue ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink tvv. ! queue ! videorate !
> video/x-raw-yuv,framerate=25/2 ! ffenc_h263 name=tc taa. ! queue !
> audioconvert ! amrnbenc name=vc ffmux_3gp name=muxer tc. ! muxer. vc. !
> muxer. muxer. ! filesink location=x.3gp
> This Pipeline is for Audio video recording from camera and alsasrc and
> video prview and saving file as 3gp file pipeline is working but if i try to
> play the gerated file it does not play .
> can you help me out this if possibile .
> Ravi
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