[gst-devel] GStreamer embedded mailing list proposal

Zhang Yanlong-PBVM47 PBVM47 at motorola.com
Wed Feb 20 04:20:05 CET 2008

Julien at moutte.net Moutte wrote:

>Dear GStreamers,

>I have received requests and met a few people from the embedded world
and it is pleasing to know that they use and appreciate GStreamer.

>I was surprised, though, to discover that most of them have been
refactoring big chunks of the frame work to suit their needs and they
are not sharing their ideas >with our community. I was even more
surprised to see that they sometimes have issues and questions about
GStreamer but they don't dare, or consider it off-topic, to mail the
-devel list about them.
>After some interesting discussion on IRC (yes we still do things first
on IRC before going to the list), I proposed to send that mail to raise
a discussion around that >topic.
>A potential idea would be to create a dedicated list around the
embedded community and their GStreamer discussions. The goal >there
would be to focus on embedded concerns and have a good communication
channel between companies, individuals and >organizations around
GStreamer's future.
>The risk here is that this could get the traffic on that list to a very
low level (if it is a subset of the current gst-devel traffic).  And
>>>>additionally it might be harder >to get replies to questions if we
expect current hackers to pay attention to both lists. On the other
hand, embedded people might feel more involved and we could >see some
new faces coming up on that list with interesting ideas, discussions.
>So if you are working on an embedded project together with GStreamer
and you feel that having a dedicated communication channel would help
you collaborate >on the project please bring your points to that thread.
>Thanks for your attention.
>Best regards,
>Julien Moutte.

With embedded device more and more popular, I definitely think it is the
trend and has light future for gstreamer in embedded world. Certainly,
gstreamer tends  to be uniform to different usage, but this will be very
difficult for embedded world, especially the system with scarce memory,
lower computing power and limited access capability. Sometimes gstreamer
need to be customized and optimization to meet the diversified
requirements. Distinctly, there should be a lot of problems to block
gstreamer to be prevailing for embedded utilities. 
A separate topic list for embedded gstreamer is a better way for peoples
focused on embedded development to post their confusion, questions and
experience rather other a general devel. I think it is more pertinent
and efficient to discuss and resolve embedded issues via this way.
Of cource, it may reduce the traffic for current topic list. But anyway,
there will be more advantages than its disvantages.

Thanks a lot.

Zhang Yanlong

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