[gst-devel] your chance to merge Ardour and GStreamer

Paul Brossier piem at fluendo.com
Wed Feb 27 17:49:34 CET 2008

Hi Paul!

Good news!

I would definitely be happy to help on this. It shouldn't be too much
code writing. I won't have much time before next week, but i will pop in
on #ardour then, if no one jumps on it before!

Best, Paul

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 08:51 -0500, Paul Davis wrote:
> Yes folks, its finally happened. I've finally conceded that Ardour might
> actually have a role for GStreamer :)
> I've just finished the work to use Apple's ExtAudioFile API to add
> support for a number of audio file formats to Ardour on OS X, formats
> not handled by libsndfile. It has occured to me that we could follow an
> identical pathway on Linux (and OS X) to add support for files
> handleable by GStreamer/GstPlugins that are not handled by libsndfile.
> So this is a chance for some brave soul to unite GStreamer with Ardour
> (and who knows where it will lead ...)
> What is needed is relatively simple. Really nothing more than this
> class:
> class GstAudioFileSource : public AudioFileSource {
>  public: 
> 	GstAudioFileSource (const std::string& path);
> 	~GstAudioFileSource ();
> 	/* should be obvious */
> 	float sample_rate () const;
> 	static int get_soundfile_info (const std::string& path, 
>                SoundFileInfo& _info, std::string& error_msg);
>   protected:
> 	/* read cnt samples from one channel, in 32 bit float format, 
>            starting at start 
>          */
> 	nframes_t read_unlocked (float *dst, 
>                           nframes_t start, nframes_t cnt) const;
> };
> that is: code to initialize the object give a path, a static function to
> return length, channel count and sample rate info given a path, and a
> method to read a given number of audio samples from a specified
> location.
> Are there existing helper libs for Gst that would make this trivial to
> implement? Is anyone interested in helping out with this? The result
> would be:
>    (a) in combination with Fluendo's MP3 support, Ardour could read
>         MP3 files
>    (b) in combination with existing Gstreamer plugins, Ardour could
>         import (and edit) the audio from existing A/V files.
> --p
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