[gst-devel] xcompizsink

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Wed Feb 27 20:59:57 CET 2008

Munky wrote:
> It probably isn't even -good , -ugly at best :P Anyway just wanted to
> get the blob out there so someone
> who actually knows anything about gstreamer/X11 dev could hack
> something usable out of it.
> Seen people graving for gstreamer patch for it so though would make
> something atleast.
> Ok, learning as i go, i'll separate it from base to independent/ugly (
> if i finally get the automake ).
> There's that annoying Xlib getting async events it is not expecting
> and segfaults.
> I'll better get the mutexes corrected.
> Something until David at Novell gets the new plugin out of the door.
The decision to put it in -ugly is based on either licensing or known 
patent problems, or other reasons that might restrict distribution. 
-good seems like the right repo for this.

module descriptions:



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