[gst-devel] Question on reference handling of GstEvents

José Alburquerque jaalburquerque at cox.net
Thu Jan 3 04:33:38 CET 2008

Hi.  I posted a few days ago asking a question on the GstBus "watch" 
functions because I'm actively working on C++ bindings for GStreamer.  
Right now I'm working on the GstEvent classes and I have another general 
question:  As I understand it, the gst_element_send_event() function 
takes "ownership" of the GstEvent and, as the docs say, it is necessary 
to "reference" it if a copy of the GstEvent is wanted.  My question is:  
In general, do all functions taking GstEvents take "ownership" of 
GstEvents this way?  The only real function I have found that accepts a 
GstEvent is the one I just mentioned.  Are there others?  I'm trying to 
decide how to handle the referencing of GstEvents in the bindings so I'm 
trying to get a sense of what happens with GstEvents.  Any help will be 
greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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