[gst-devel] import image with transparent background

Terry Leung terry83 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 13:34:57 CET 2008


I am using png and have used gst-inspect to inspect the caps of some
common format like bitmap, jpeg and png
It dosnt matter for what decoder to use. I just need the program to
load a common format picture with transparent background and overlay
the image on top of a video.

By the way, any program that support output a gdkpixbufdec picture or
convert a png with alpha channel to this format?


On Jan 3, 2008 5:57 PM, Tim Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 10:41 +0800, Terry Leung wrote:
> Hi,
> > I am now writing a program to overlay an image on top of a video clip
> >
> > However, as I want to overlay an image with transparent background and
> > those image decoder src pad are either raw rgb or raw yuv(without
> > alpha), I want to ask how can i do that? can gstreamer support the
> > transparent feature in some type of image(like png or gif)? and how?
> Which image decoder exactly? What format is your image in?
> IIRC, gdkpixbufdec outputs RGBA if the image has an alpha channel.
>  Cheers
>   -Tim
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