[gst-devel] [PATCH 0/4] Build fixes for gst-plugins-bad.

Simon Holm Thøgersen odie at cs.aau.dk
Sun Jan 6 20:25:42 CET 2008

søn, 06 01 2008 kl. 13:35 +0100, skrev Edward Hervey:
> Hi,
>   Thanks for those patches which will be reviewed soon. Just a few quick
> comments though.
>   * We use gnome.bugzilla.org for patches (allows proper reviewing) with
> one bug per issue (one for missing stdlib.h for ex, another for API
> change, ...)

I'll happily do what the developers suggest, but the build issues just
seemed like overkill to open bugzilla entries for, which would also have
hidden useful information from others that want to work with CVS code of
GStreamer. (That is, I consider others more likely to subscribe to
gstreamer-devel than follow all bugzilla activity or searching bugzilla
for every issue they encounter. Granted, the include issues are
something everybody working with CVS-versions will just fix themselves,
but I wasted quite a bit of time on the configure.ac one).

>   * If APIs of dependencies change, we don't replace/remove code, but
> instead check in configure.ac for what version we have, and
> conditionnaly compile code (#ifdef...#else..#endif) based on that
> information.
>   * Some of those seem to have been fixed in cvs, what version are those
> patches against ?

They are against the CVS-tree @ about a couple of hours before sending
the patches. Patch 2 is not required after David Scleef's commits that
were made about that time, and Sebastian Dröge has also addressed the
issue for Patch 4 now. Patch 1 and 3 still stands as valid far as I can

> On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 04:24 +0100, Simon Holm Thøgersen wrote:
> > I've found that these four patches are required to compile gst-plugins-bad.

Simon Holm Thøgersen

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