[gst-devel] Always & Request pads at same time

Albert Costa costa_albert at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 3 15:43:48 CEST 2008

I'd like to write a plugin that has both GST_PAD_ALWAYS (would be type 'video/x-raw-rgb' for ex) and GST_PAD_REQUEST sink pads ("any" type, receiving possibly data from my own other plugins upstreams). I am able to create the 'always' pad on init, and the others through a request_pad function.
But how can I get buffers from all of them synchronously? 'always' pad would usually be handled by a chain() function, whereas the 'request' pads are handled through the GstCollectPadsFunction... Is there a way to mix all of that, or is it not possible?
Currently, I have found a workaround by setting my 'always' pad as a 'request' pad as well (then I just create the pad using the right template name when I link elements), but I feel this is a bit clumsy...

If anyone has already tried something similar, help would be appreciated,

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