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Rahul Nikose rahul.nikose at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 06:58:22 CEST 2008

Can any body explain me following

 If my pipeline consist of filesrc --> demuxer -->.....
  I want to demuxer to pull data from filesrc (which will open file) any
data i.e random access..
 How communication establish initially... if my demuxer's sink pad are
scheduling in pull base mode then is it filesrc
 will open file and push initial data to demuxer ,then afterward demuxer
pull data from filesrc
 is it my demuxer who will request filesrc to open file  i.e.   Is
everything will start from demuxer... who will first request
filesrc to open file and afterward access it.. ?

   One more thing ....in either case filesrc will open file....is it anyway
possible to get me  file handle (return by fopen() )
in next element i.e inside demuxer where demuxer will use that handle to do
some more activity... :)

Thank you very much...have very nice day .. :)

Thanks and warm Regards
Rahul S. Nikose
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